How to multiply crypto-brand awareness rates with the proper use of shilling

How to multiply crypto-brand awareness rates with the proper use of shilling

JUN 2022
From our community building team lead:

“We apply shilling techniques not only to spread the target information over the web, but to collect a pool of unique media materials created by community members themselves. Thus, we establish initial audience interest to the project and generate trust.

A brand-new native approach we use has nothing to do with boilerplate advertising. The most competent people carefully research the project before embedding any related content into shilling posts. Our shillers are always aware of and following the latest crypto market trends, natively attracting attention of the target audience.

We take comments writing extremely seriously. All author accounts have signed up the resource long time ago, having continuous activity history. No bots used. Each and every comment is being thought through, then posted by a real person.
We have fundamentally changed the approach, the structure and the strategy of guerrilla marketing. We bring real benefits by stimulating community growth, increasing target audience interest to the project, therefore boosting token capitalisation, NFT sales and conversion of community members into real customers and brand fans.”

This tool creates a buzz around the project

The problem of advertising within the crypto market
Nowadays, people are less trustful to influencers and pay little attention to direct advertising, such as banner and contextual ads. Yet everyone already knows that Influencers mostly pursue their selfish goals and could recommend literally anything for money, while not being into it at all.
How we solved the problem of crypto advertising low credibility
These times, people trust each other more than any other source. Trust is aroused by projects that
are followed and actively discussed.

We have developed a unique technique of native shilling. It is all about spreading information through natively created accounts, specially designed to be indistinguishable from real people.

Their comments never get repeated. Phrases precisely fit the context of the situation, under every post, in each dialogue.
We sign up accounts long before they get involved into active shilling. We carefully prepare accounts by posting photos, making subscriptions, attracting subscribers, etc. Everything has to look like a real live account. We make sure it is not registered from scratch, so the account will not get banned. We also double-check the account is not new.

Step 1: Creating accounts pool

Step 2: Writing comments
We take the most responsible approach to the selection of copywriters who produce comments.

People have to be constantly involved in the blockchain and crypto sphere, so that they understand what to emphasize when commenting. We also pay special attention to the literature of our writers and their GEO. We always check their language level, knowledge of crypto slang words, abbreviations and other crypto-related terminology (DYOR, DEX, DEX, etc.).
Step 3: Tracking results
The result is to attract new active members to the community by creating hype around the project, positively affecting its sales.

Each and every comment is being documented with a screenshot and dialogue link, then placed into the special statistics table. Strict records are kept, all comments are getting verified by a senior group of shillers.

According to our experience, the conversion rate of community members obtained by native shilling into NFT buyers or token holders varies from 5% to 40%, and usually is nearly 20% in average.
Pic. conversion rate of community members obtained by native shilling into nft buyers or token holders
Insights and Conclusions
Referring to our rich experience of solving typical cryto-project promotion issues, the use of guerrilla marketing delivers less average subscriber cost than involving influencers or any other type of advertising.

It is crucial to set up the process properly, based on the project's core features, brand values, use of precisely segmented target audience, use of shilling technologies, and working with competent staff.
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