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Scale up your crypto project in 1 week

Scale up your crypto project in 1 week using Crypto PR & Media tools

Turnkey promotion of cryptoprojects from a team of top marketers with the help of media

Web 3.0 Marketing Agency for Future “Unicorns”

In the young market of agencies for crypto projects, we are one of the most multidisciplinary and honest with our clients in value for money. In the past, each of our founders have worked at top marketing agencies and we have banded together to create a Tier-1 agency in the crypto industry.
But the numbers speak for us best:
Raising over $30,000,000 is aggregate experience of our team
Our team is more than 50 professionals worldwide
More than 20 successful cases
For us, the first place is the result of the client. Keep your project in safe hands!

Why Crypto PR?

Crypto PR is a tool to create a positive image of the project and increase its media coverage. This tool is ideal for young projectscoverage.

A lot of cryptoprojects achieve a large turnover and capitalization, but few people know about them because they do not develop towards the media, which greatly distances them from their main goal.

I'm sure you can be a funder of such a project too, so we are ready to help you reach your goals faster with the help of our practitioners.

Place your project on top Crypto Media


Our clients have already tried out this tool on themselves and here is the result:
Launching the beta version of the Game


  • 30+ Republished in other media
  • Indexed by google news and news aggregators
  • Total community users attracted 50k+
  • Confirmed players 30k+
  • The activity on the site increased by 5 times the organic traffic

A renowned blockchain technology expert

To pump up media recognition in major media outlets.
  • The client has a Wikipedia and a tick in Instagram.

Local cryptocurrency exchange

To announce the launch of a cryptocurrency exchange in the local markets
  • The launch is announced on all the top local media. The news spread across popular news channels and social media.

All the case studies in detail can be found here

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