Community building
Community for your Web3 project

Build strong crypto community for your Web3 project

Why does community matter for Web3?

For blockchain projects, the crypto community is the cornerstone, the foundation, on which the entire project is built. Here the community is important because in this area there’s much more teamwork and well-coordinated work: the more people invest in the project, the further it will go and the more successful it will become, from which all members of the community will benefit.

The blockchain community is also important because the cryptocurrency market is a new area that inspires weak trust. Yes, you can buy yogurt or another product in a store even without a manufacturer’s community, since the company is already popular on the market, but an unknown token does not inspire such confidence.
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How we build crypto community

Blockchain community building is the process of building and forming a community around a project. The concept itself is very broad, and it contains many different aspects. To better understand the term, consider the stages of community formation:
Creation of the groundwork for the community (social media pages, design, description)

8 easy (for us) steps to build and monetize community

Formation of the main aspects of communication within the community (moderators, events, etc.)
Attracting the primary community
Onboarding of users (adaptation and familiarization of the community with the product/project)
Engaging and warming up the audience
Keeping the community within the project
Scaling the community and increasing the number of active users
Conversion of the audience into potential leads and buyers
As for NFTs, ICOs, IDOs, and other crypto projects, the leads here will be investors and depositors, as well as buyers and holders of tokens.
But what kind of projects are needed to build a community? This includes the following areas:
Tokenized projects (DAO, IDO, ICO, etc.)
Now let's look at the process of community building closely: our main task is to gain trust in the project and set a certain rhythm. Yes, no one will trust the project from scratch, and here our goal is to gain this trust by creating a community. No trust? So there are no sales.

Sources of audience engagement

In the early stages of blockchain community building, raffles, giveaways, and airdrops work the best. If there is no good background in the project, declare yourself with some high-profile event (giving away a big prize, advertising with bloggers, attracting a wide crypto audience). Due to this, the community will form, and trust will appear: yes, by distributing prizes on time, we show that there is no deception, and users begin to trust us. Be prepared for the fact that not all of the users who enter the project will be active, and this is okay. Most of the audience will be interested and stay if the project is worthwhile and promising, and they will also start to delve deeper into the project.
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Converting crypto community into leads

There is no definite theory or strategy behind this. Among the popular approaches are the distribution of whitelists and the opening of early sales (pre-mint through whitelists). The audience should be so warm that the tokens or NFTs are sold out before the start of the first sale, and the users themselves should be thinking about buying your product even before the start of the sale.
Create friendly atmosphere within the community
Add moderators and administrators
Keep community aware of your product
Make community believe in your product
Community engagement rules

Why should you work with Native People Ads?

Building a community on your own without knowledge and experience in a niche is almost impossible. The Native People Ads team will help you build a strong community and increase sales because we:
  • Know the psychology of crypto users;
  • Know how to manage the audience;
  • Use innovative engagement methods (increase conversion and reduce the cost of a live subscriber);
  • Constantly monitor trends and improve our strategy;
  • Look for and find new traffic sources and common ground with users;
  • Have created a young and creative team that lives in a niche and is always in the information field of the blockchain industry’s development.

What is included in community building?

Influence marketing
Guerilla marketing
Paid social media
Contests and activities
Instagram Ads
Twitter Ads
Banner Ads
Community management
Crew3 and Galxe activities
Event management
AMA sessions
Twitter spaces
User acquisition
User engagement
User monetization
MVP pack
1,5 mon
1-3k community
Engagement rate ER 3-10%
Amount of customers:
3-10% (30-300)
Scaling pack 1
2-3 mon
5-15k community
Engagement rate ER 3-10%
Amount of customers:
3-10% (200-1500)
2-3 mon
10-30k community
Engagement rate ER 3-10%
Amount of customers:
3-10% (350-3000)
Scaling pack 2
2-3 mon
20-60k community
Engagement rate ER 3-10%
Amount of customers:
3-10% (750-6000)
Scaling pack 3

Community building packages

*The results are expected and not guaranteed. Expectations will be made for each project individually.
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