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Guerilla marketing team

What is guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing is a method to promote a brand by placing comments containing client’s brand mention under relevant posts in social media in order to capture the attention of the target audience.
An example of what guerilla marketing looks like this (we promoted p2e project):
Guerilla comments like above are placed under relevant posts like below

What is the use of guerilla marketing

This tool is used for:
increasing brand awareness
development of word of mouth around the brand
gaining the attention of users to the brand
spreading rumors about a newsbreak (for example, a promotion or an airdrop)
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What areas is it useful for and in what cases is guerilla marketing used

In our experience, guerilla marketing gives a powerful boost to the following types of projects:
NFT collections
other types of crypto projects

Examples of effective use of guerilla marketing:

The exchange is launching an airdrop and we need to spread rumors about it among traders
Mint of an NFT collection is coming soon and we need to attract more people to mint or members to the community
The brand needs to maintain its presence in the information space, people need to talk about the brand in a positive way, pay more attention
Guerilla marketing is not main source of traffic and promotion, it is usually used in complex with other marketing instruments such as influencer marketing, paid media etc.

How guerilla marketing works?

  1. We search for relevant and popular posts
  2. Read the post and read the comments
  3. We place a comment in the context of the post and discussion under the post, unobtrusively recommending the client's brand

How is the effectiveness of guerilla marketing measured?

The ratio of comments and reactions to them should be 50% or more. This means that comments are placed under relevant posts and people react to them.

About our team

We are a professional guerilla marketing team
Deep knowledge in crypto
We can provide up to 50,000 native comments per month
B+ English level

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