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Lead generation

Cases: Lead generation and brand awareness for FinTech, iGaming, and high-risk companies

SEP 2023

How we generated leads for FinTech, iGaming and high-risk companies using influence marketing and PR in media

Confidential document
For all our clients, we used marketing services:
  • influence marketing
  • PR in media

1 client - Betfury. Crypto betting platform

  • Increase in the reach of the audience in social networks by 30%.
  • More than 11,000 leads attracted
  • Increased audience loyalty by 15% (more people clicked the links and registered through the social networks themselves, in this case Twitter)
  • 3,5 usd per lead
11,000 leads for 3,5 usd in 1 month

2 client - Starbets. Crypto betting platform

  • Got 8000 user registrations
  • 4,5 usd per lead
8,000 leads for 4,5 usd in 1 month

3 client - Amarkets. Financial broker company

9,500 leads for 2,8 usd in 3 month
  • Entered new markets (Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam)
  • Attracted a total of more than 9,500 leads
  • Increased audience loyalty by 17% (more people clicked the links and registered through the social networks themselves, in this case YouTube)
  • The campaign is still going. Monthly budget 10,000 usd. Cost per lead in the 1st month — 30 usd, in the 6th month — 2,8 usd.

4 client - WhiteBit. Top 3 crypto exchanges in Europe

10,000 leads for 3,5 usd in 2 month
  • Budget: 35,000 usd
  • Goal: to expand the information field, raise the percentage of loyal audience, increase audience loyalty
  • Tools: Press releases and organic articles
  • Results: Total traffic of the published articles 600M, increased audience loyalty by 120% (clicks and click-through rate), attracted new leads (10,000), 3,5 usd per lead

5 client - CoinsPaid Crypto wallet. Financial service

2,500 leads for 4,5 usd in 1 month
  • Budget: 10,000 usd
  • Purpose: Attracting leads, increasing audience loyalty
  • Tools: Influencers and press releases
  • Result: Attracted 2,500 leads, went into infraspace with an audience of 250M, cost per lead 4,5 usd
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