Influencer Marketing in Web3: Everything you need to know about the tool
Influencer Marketing in Web3
When starting to sell any products or services, entrepreneurs often face a lack of sales and customers. Marketing tools are designed to solve the problem, including targeting, advertising, changing the assortment, pricing policy, and much more. Today we will talk about influencer marketing and how to use it properly.
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Why does Influencer Marketing matter?

Influence marketing is the promotion of goods or services by working with opinion leaders (bloggers, creators, influencers, celebrities, and others). Famous people advertise your product or service, drawing the attention of their audience to them, and you get an influx of new customers and additional sales.
Influence marketing is, first and foremost, a PR activity. Thus, new customers are attracted, and consumer loyalty, confidence in the product, as well as brand coverage are increased. Influence marketing is much more effective than, for example, regular advertising or publications in the media: an article may not be read or found, ads may be scrolled through, but users do not miss the publications of their favorite blogger.
Influence marketing is necessary for:
attracting new customers
increasing customer loyalty
raise product credibility
increase brand reach

Who is the tool for?

Absolutely for everyone who sells goods or services. Any brand needs PR activity, no matter what products it promotes. Influence marketing for crypto projects is important at the first stage of creating a sales funnel: it is a reach so that as many people as possible notice and find out more about the product and confidence increase in the product or service because it is trust that affects the conversion of users into buyers. It is much easier to bring a person into the sales funnel when he or she already knows about the product, has an opinion about it, and is potentially interested in purchase. Then the sales manager of the team comes into play, who works with customers and turns them into buyers.
Advantages of influence marketing:
Mostly, viewability to the end
Higher engagement
More trust

Theory of 8 touches

You may have already heard about this theory, which says that a person who has heard about or seen a product eight times from different sources begins to think about and lean towards buying it. By working on this principle (using influencer marketing, targeted ads, and advertising articles), you will multiply conversions and sales. For example, if an influencer uses a UTM link, the user goes to the website and explores the product. Even if the purchase was not made as a result, the person will later notice the targeted advertising of the product or service, hear about it on the radio or TV, which will affect him, and probably make a decision to purchase.
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Dealing with Influencer Marketing

Firstly, you should choose the social networks you want to work on, and these can be YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Twitch, Reddit (for the US market), and others. Let's talk about our work approach using the example of the first four social networks.

01. YouTube

YouTube differs from other social networks in that people here are ready for advertising. They don't scroll it as they do with Instagram stories, and they know that ads will often be placed at the beginning of the video. The principle is: trusting the blogger and knowing what the ad will be like, you will watch it to either support the creator or see what the influencer recommends to you. Advertising here is scrolled much less often than on other social networks.

Native People Ads Approach

At YouTube, we determine who is profitable to work with not just by the number of subscribers and views, but based on indicators such as:

Things to analyze for YouTube influencers

Engagement rate
Likes / Comments ratio

Engagement rate

We compare the number of followers and views of the influencer, as well as the ratio of followers to the number of likes, comments, saves, and reposts. If a blogger has 1 million subscribers and an average of 50 thousand views on videos, this means that some of the followers can be fake. We, as clients, will not have a huge reach in this case.

A good ratio is at least 30% (1 million subscribers to 300 thousand views). As for the engagement rate (likes, reposts, and comments), the best is 1% and higher.
The normal ratio of views to subscribers on YouTube for Web3 Influencers is 30%.
The normal ratio of views to followers in YouTube


Our team analyzes comments, translates them, and checks if there are any bots or fake messages. For example, phrases like "Nice video", "I love it", and others are often left by bots, although the analytics service will detect them as ordinary live comments. We manually review the comments and determine where the followers are real and where they are bots.

The ratio of comments and likes

We compare the number of views under the video with the number of comments and likes. For analysis, we take several different videos, because on one video there can be much more views, comments, and likes since the topic of the video was hype, but the popularity is one-time.


We analyze the blogger's audience and the regions from which his videos are most often watched. For example, if the creator is from the USA, and his audience is from Pakistan, India, and other countries, you should think twice before starting cooperation. The perfect result is 50%+ regions close to the blogger (for example, he is from the USA, and 50%+ of the audience is from the USA). You can identify bot subscribers by looking at their subscriptions: if a user is subscribed to 1000+ people, this is still okay, but if there are much more channels (10k+), this is bad, because there is a high probability that you have faced a bot.

Cost per view and click.

Influencers often indicate their advertising rates, but they depend on the region with which the blogger works: for example, in Russia, the cost per view should be less than $0.01, and a click should be about $0.06, while in the USA, one view costs an average of $0.04, and a click costs about $0.2. For fintech and crypto, the cost of such advertising is usually higher than for the beauty or education sectors since the first audience is more financially secure. The normal price for the US is $100–$500 per 1000 views.

The normal CPM and CPC for YouTube influencers

CPM - $15 - $100
CPC - $0,15 - $2
Conversion - 0,5% - 3%
CPM - $100 - $500
CPC - $3 - $15
Conversion - 0,5% - 3%

02. Twitter

Native People Ads Approach

We look at what the blogger writes about as well as how often he does it. For example, if the creator often writes that Bitcoin will take off soon, since Elon Musk published some kind of reference to this again but doesn’t publish his own analyses and calculations, this is a red flag. Other metrics we rely on:

Things to analyze for Twitter influencers

Posts frequency
Posting regularity

The quality of publications

A blogger must have a clear opinion, publish useful or entertaining content, be unique in the field, and have a highlight that makes him stand out from the rest.

Posting frequency

For Twitter, the normal posting frequency is up to 2 tweets per day. Too rare (once every several days) or frequent posting (every 5 minutes) should alert you and make you question. It is especially strange to see 40 tweets a day when the market is stable and the blogger's opinion does not change. If there is hype or a very popular topic, then posting can be more regular (up to 5–10 tweets per day).


As we said earlier, views are far from the main thing, but they are still worth a look. If the blogger is a media person and well-known, the views can be huge, and this should be expected. A good ratio of views to subscribers is 10–30%.

CPV (Cost per View)

The more popular the blogger, the higher the cost of advertising. The average value for the social network is $0.10–$0.30 per view. Note that famous influencers or celebrities may set a separate price, which will be significantly higher than this value.

The normal CPM and CPC for Twitter influencers

CPM - $100 - $300
CPC - $3 - $6
Conversion - 0,5% - 3%

CPC (Cost per Click)

A blogger must have a clear opinion, publish useful or entertaining content, be unique in the field, and have a highlight that makes him stand out from the rest.
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03. Telegram

Native People Ads Approach

This social network is almost identical to Twitter in terms of performance. The main difference is that most often you can find Telegram channels here and not a blog of one person. As a rule, personal channels are run by already-established personalities and well-known bloggers who are followed by a large number of people.
We pay attention to such indicators:

Things to analyze for Telegram influencers

Content quality


We analyze posts for different periods and look at the number of their views. The perfect result is 10–30% of the views of the total number of subscribers on the channel.


Since the analytics services for Telegram do not work, we analyze the activity inside the channel manually by looking at the number of comments, likes, and views and comparing them with the number of subscribers. The higher the ratio, the better the account.

Content quality

The materials inside the channel or blog should be interesting and often useful, so even you should want to read them while scrolling through the channel. If all the posts are frank copy-and-paste or unclear texts, we pass by.
The normal ratio of views to subscribers in Telegram for Web3 Influencers is 20%.
The normal ratio of views to followers in Telegram

04. Instagram

Native People Ads Approach

Instagram is about beautiful pictures, storytelling, and figures. When using analytics services, you should pay attention to ALL indicators available for analysis.
Our analysis is based on the following criteria:

Things to analyze for Instagram influencers

Views and comments
Amount of advertisement


This includes the number of subscribers, likes, comments, views of stories and reels, saved posts, and much more. A good view rate is 10–30%, and a nice rate for likes and comments on posts is 1%+ of the number of followers.

The rate of ads

Too many ads on the account (every second story) are not an option. The perfect result would be no more than 20% of advertising in the total content. On YouTube, at the same time, advertising in every video is normal. Here, this is not allowed.

Fake followers

We check the number of bots, as well as pre-paid comments and likes, in special programs. The normal number of bots among subscribers is no more than 25%.
The normal ratio of bots, active stories viewers and inactive real followers in Instagram for Web3 Influencers is 25% / 10% / 65 %.
The normal ratio of views, bots and followers in Instagram

An example of account analysis through the app

Let's take the @onrafaeli account as an example. After running the analysis in the app, we see the number of his subscribers, the average number of views, and the engagement rate (which, by the way, is quite high and makes up 6.88%). We also see an increase in subscribers and likes, which is a good sign. At the same time, the analysis showed that the indicator of followers' credibility (the percentage of real people) is 66%, which means that 34% are bots. We also see that, on average, the subscribers of this blogger have 500–1000 subscriptions, but some have more than 1500 subscriptions. This means that such users are probably bots.
It is also convenient that the app allows you to see the age groups of people who follow an influencer, as well as which country they are from. Our blogger is from Israel, and over 70% of his followers are from Israel, which is a good indicator. As a result of the analysis, we can also see which brands he was promoting, which companies he mentioned (for example, in an advertisement), as well as the topics that the influencer most often touches on. Thus, with the help of just one application, we conducted an almost complete analysis of the blogger's account and concluded that it is profitable to cooperate with him.


So, we have chosen a social network for promotion, analyzed bloggers, and made a decision. The influencer has made an ad, and we have paid for his services. The next step is to collect the analytics that the blogger will give us (reach, views, comments, etc.). Yes, this can be analyzed independently, but it is the blogger who will give us statistics, which will show how many clicks were made by users on our link.
If your goal was the promotion of social networks and not clicks and purchases on the website, set the task for your SMM manager to calculate the increase in subscribers after the launch of advertising, find out how many direct requests appeared, and determine the effectiveness of such cooperation. To do this, you will need to know in advance how many visitors there were or what the increase in subscribers per day was before the advertisement. For example, if 20 people usually visit the website each day, and after the launch of the advertisement, 150 people checked your website within one day, then the advertisement worked and people came because of the blogger ads.

Relationships with a blogger

It is also important to ask for permission in advance to publish materials for the target, articles, and other commerce if you need it. Initially, a blogger may be against publications, so this question needs to be clarified in advance. It is important to notarize the permission, which most often occurs for a fee. For publication of materials in other social networks or for commercial use without permission, a blogger can sue you.
We also recommend you adjust your content plan in advance to the blogger’s advertising (create an offer, show a new project, and so on). It is also important to give the blogger a correct and structured technical task, where you need to indicate what can and cannot be said, how you see the finished material, whether jokes are allowed or not, etc. It is important to discuss all the points in advance so as not to redo the content several times.

Our advantages:

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