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How to raise the token’s trading volume with the power of the community

How to raise the token’s trading volume with the power of the community?

JUN 2022
Reaching peak ICO performance. A story of success.

The case

The client has appealed us with a product reaching the ICO stage while having deficient placement approach — unattractively-packaged product, backed up with unefficiently-designed marketing development strategy.

As a result, token sale volumes within the ICO were much lower than expected.

The token lacked media coverage on a stage of market placement, which lead to people selling the token right away after it gets listed, not realizing asset's potential value, having no motivation to hold it.

We aimed to re-create brand's image, and build a thriving community to prepare the product for successful ICO launch.

The call

Our challenges were to re-build the community, to drastically raise product's social media coverage by generating more activity, to gain community interest in purchasing tokens after the campaign being restarted, to draw more people's attention to the asset itself, to invent and promote a new brand image, while explaining the audience a real value of the asset they purchase.

Basically, we had to convince community members to become long-term token holders, stimulating them to spread a word over their social networks and among their friends and contacts.

The best way to that is to gain solid community trust by filling the project with unique content, giving it the real meaning, inspiring people to hold their assets for long periods of time.
How we nailed it
We ran the project through a complete re-branding procedure, reassessing its market positioning, its way to interact with the audience, and types of activity available to its community members.

We managed to organise a constant flow of new community members coming.
Stage 0. Revising product's development and market positioning strategy
Overall project audit and detailed marketing analysis. The search for deficiencies and solutions.

So, we came up with the comprehensive story of the brand and identified the main problems of the audience the product helps to solve.
Step 1: Activating the community
We announced and launched an airdrop using native social networks shilling algorithms, influencers, bloggers and targeted ads to reach wider audience. We published a series of posts with detailed descriptions of the product followed by a series of guidelines explaining people how to use it.

We placed the token on tracking platforms.

We initiated a flow of regular activities for the Discord audience, such as lotteries with valuable prizes, quizzes, memes contests and so on, motivating community members to write and publish unique articles or create other types of media related to the project, in many different languages.

We also created more than 10 active discussion threads on Reddit.
Stage results & statistics
Social media community members:
• Discord — we made it all the way up from 1,800 subscribers and 200 active members right to 10,000 subscribers and 2,000+ active members
• Telegram — from 3,000 subscribers and about 250 messages per week (ER 8%) we made it to 14,000 subscribers producing 2,000+ messages weekly (ER 14%), nearly doubling its ER.
The timeline
It took us 2 weeks to build the strategy and 1.5 more months to make it work.
Stage 2: Token Listing and Influencers Integration
We fully managed listing process on exchanges.

We ran through a series of integrations with top-tier influencers to reach more target audience.
And, of course, we continued to organise and run activities within project's communities, thereby increasing the audience engagement rate.
The timeline
It took us 1 months to make stage 2 work.
Insights and Conclusions
Most of today's crypto-related projects have to be strongly devoted to building thriving communities.
An active international community is the best way to advertise the project. Trading volume charts and capitalization statistics are just the best proof of communities efficiency.
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