Crypto PR and Media: everything about the tool

Crypto PR and Media: everything about the tool

APR 2023

Why Crypto PR?

Crypto PR is a tool for creating a positive image of the project and increasing its media coverage. Crypto PR helps to:
Achieve recognition of the project;
Inform users about new products, features, and technologies;
Attract investment to the project;
Increase the capitalization of the project (due to new investments, attracting crypto funds, and increasing investment attractiveness);
Attract and develop the community for the project.
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Application of Crypto PR and Media

Mostly, crypto PR is used at the initial stage of project development. This helps to make itself known, attract investors who are looking for projects for investment, be indexed in search engines, and gather the initial audience.

Further use of crypto PR occurs after the launch of activities to attract the community, investments, and other stuff (depending on the tasks that you have set). If literally nothing happens inside the project and it is still under development, then after the first launch of a PR campaign, we recommend you do your blog independently and conduct other activities by yourself, since this does not require additional costs.

After that, a PR campaign is launched when any activity starts (for example, a token sale or an NFT release). PR, in this case, develops due to:
  • Paid placement;
  • Organic publications;
  • Cooperation with the media.

Types of publications

A non-advertising publication where the media or a journalist writes about a project that they personally like. For example, a journalist can publish an announcement or news about your project, taking it from your news or press releases, or write a text about the project after talking with you if he is interested in the project.

01. Organic article

Engaging for the market and relevant to the media post. Published on behalf of the media or brand with a mention of you. Examples are a short article on the topic of Bitcoin's growth prospects, an overview of the best cold wallets, and so on.

02. Guest post

Publication of any news about the project, for example, the attraction of investments, an airdrop launch, the creation of features, and so on. Depending on the relevance of the news, other media may pick up the press release and publish it on their own without mistaking the post for advertising.

03. Press release

A huge post that is relevant to the market. An example is an article on the topic "How to store crypto assets safely", where you advertise your wallet or something else that is relevant to the topic in one or more paragraphs.

04. Sponsored article

The post in the media with a mention of the project. For example, it could be a long article where you share your thoughts on a general topic or a review of projects where yours will be mentioned in a good way.

05. Mention

Results of Crypto PR and Media services

Successful crypto PR as a result will bring to the project:
  • Reach (converted to the community);
  • Community;
  • The attraction of new users;
  • New investors;
  • Increase in capitalization;
  • Increase in confidence in the project;
  • Improvement of social status.
After publication in major media and cooperation with journalists, your project will acquire a completely new social status, which will be important when speaking to an audience, communicating with other projects, and entering into new collaborations.

Social status means communication with high-status people, the opening of many doors in the crypto industry, and taking you and the project to a higher level.

At the same time, we know about projects that have a good turnover and capitalization, but only a few people know about them because these projects do not develop their media presence and do not launch PR campaigns. If you use all the PR tools, it’s possible to achieve the goals that they set for themselves much faster.
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