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Create a community of engaged crypto brand followers from scratch

How to create an active self-promoting crypto community in Telegram for 20k people in 1 month?

APR 2023
Our goal was to analyze the latest trends in selling NFT collections with a strong business utility

What we did:

  • Developed a community concept, values for the crypto audience
  • Developed traffic sources
  • Developed tools to engage the community, engage them in the product
  • We used #Crew3 platform quests to reduce the cost of subscriptions
- Attracted 20k+ followers in a month by purchasing integrations in telegram feeds and from microinfluencers on Twitter
- The cost per follower was reduced by half
- 43% of the community participated in quests and activities
- 5000 people invited from 5 to 10 friends each
- 3500 people have reposted and commented on the project's posts
- 250 people participated in AMA-sessions online
- 150 people posted videos about the project on YouTube
- 75 people posted articles on Medium about the project
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